DŽUMHUR WITHOUT THE TROPHY, Marojan winner of Srpska Open


Fabian Marojan is the winner of the jubilee, 20th edition of the Srpska Open, becoming the first Hungarian to win the tournament in Banja Luka.

Currently 239th tennis player in the world, who after today’s triumph will move up on the ATP list given that he won 80 ATP points, defeated Damir Džumhur in just 47 minutes, allowing the best tennis player from Bosnia and Herzegovina to win only three games.

Although it rained until the very beginning of the match, it did not spoil the finals. On the stands of the National Tennis Center, because of the rain, there may not have been as many spectators as everyone expected, but good game of tennis was seen, especially from the side of the 22-year-old Hungarian.

During the entire match, Marojan showed dominance, he allowed Dzumhur only one break point, which tennis player from Sarajevo did not use.

Already in the second game, Marojan made a break, and it was only in the fourth game that the BiH Davis Cup representative managed to win his first game. The Hungarian managed to save his serve until the end of the first set, and took a 1:0 lead with no problems.

A similar start was seen in the second set. Marojan won the game on his serve, and then made a break again and took the 2:0 lead. In the third game, Dzumhur had a break chance for the first time in the match, but he didn’t use it and allowed Marojan to get away and win the third game.

Supervisor Valery Lutkov assessed that this year’s tournament was of extremely high quality.